Friday, September 10, 2010

Looks like things might get a little messy. Be prepared.

His Approach

Future Missionary

Preparing to GQ

Starting out with his sister

Shafted by his own sister

I'm outta here, later gater

Bink Babies

Bink Boy

Robert hasn't been much of a binki user, but since his teeth have been cutting, he likes having something besides his fingers to chew on. These pictures were just too cute of him. He's so funny.

Serious Eater

Fabulous Footwear

While she loves shoes, she isn't so fond of socks. These are little cases for sunglasses. I don't know why, but she wanted to wear them as socks this particular morning. She worked quite a while at it until she got them to fit on just right. When she's determined to do something, she works at it until she makes it happen.

Bedtime Tonight

So, the last week or so Kaylynn has had somewhat of a hard time going to bed. I got her a night light, but she still turns the light on. If Robert's in his crib and she's still awake, she'll climb in with him and jump up and down and have a jolly good time. Well, tonight wasn't so much an adventure, but it was pretty cute. She had her Elmo doll on her lap while we read stories. I had Robert on one leg and her holding Elmo on the other. Elmo joined us for prayers, hugs and kisses. Kaylynn then got down and put Elmo in bed, covered him with the blankets (she even made sure the sippy was near him) and she said "night night" and grabbed for the door handle to leave with me. I just looked at her. "You need to go to bed, too. It's not just Elmo's bedtime." "No!" she said, and again tucked Elmo in, as if to reiterate to me that Elmo was going to sleep for her by proxy. Well, I put her in bed, said goodnight and left with Robert. She only cried a minute or less and was asleep within 10-15 minutes. When I went back to lay Robert in his crib she was asleep in her bed (many nights this week she's fallen asleep on the floor and I've had to pick her up and put her in bed). She cracks me up.

About Kaylynn at Age Two

I thought it would be cute to write a few of Kaylynn's favorite things, but I have to think. She likes a lot of things. She loves to be outside and play, especially in her Little Tykes Car (she really loves when mom pushes her turbo speed across the lawn), climbing up the slide and swinging. She is very social. She loves her friends. When she sees them at church they squeal and hug and hold hands and she gets a bit upset when she sees them during the meeting and isn't able to go greet them with hugs and handshakes. She likes to shake people's hands at church, I think mainly because she sees dad doing it. He goes around and welcomes people and sometimes she goes with him. Sometimes she jets off and does it on her own. She loves Dora the Explorer, espeically Back pack and map. She says "packpack". It is too cute. Favorite foods would have to be cheese and otter pops, although she loves apples, yogurt and fruit snacks and will eat most things. The only thing she always shoots down be it cooked, raw or hidden in things is broccoli. If she gets it in her mouth, she usually will spit it out. She has a bit of a shoe fettish. Her favorite pair are her purple crocks. Her friend that gave her shoes for her gift, her mom really knows Kaylynn well. When her friends are here she will often go down on the landing and try on their shoes (Alaskan thing that you don't wear shoes in the house). She'll also try on Brandon's or mine or whoever's happen to be there. She loves baths, playing with her kitchen, getting into the pans, helping measure and stir things when I'm baking, and licking the beaters. When she wants to watch a movie she says, "Memo". It is some sort of cross between Nemo and Elmo, both of which she likes. She's a bink baby, but we've mostly relegated it only for naps and bedtime. She does pretty good, but she does kife her brothers. Can't say a favorite color for sure, but the one thing she will always choose to wear when given the choice is her princess hoodie. She had one with Elmo that was her favorite at 18 months, the princess one is the similar, but bigger. She likes zippers, opening things, giving kisses and is very good as saying 'tank u' for thank you. She says a lot of words, and surprises me every day with new things she says. I kind of think she's been saying them for a while, it just takes me a bit to recognize, and she gets clearer. Then, like the other day, she just started saying 'apple'. It makes it a lot easier when she is able to say what she wants rather than pointing or me guessing. She knows it's easier to grab my hand and show me rather than try to explain some things. She's an amazing little lady. I can't believe she's already two. Time is flying too fast. At night when I cuddle with her before bedtime I thank Heavenly Father for blessing us in such a special way with our wonderful little girl. Every day, but especially on her birthday, I think of her amazing birthmom and how much we love her too. Happy Birthday my little angel baby. Don't grow too fast.

My Two Cuties

Crazy Drivin'

Post birthday video here...

Aug 13, 2010

So, we did Kaylynn's birthday party on Thursday. Her actual birthday was Friday, the 13th. It was a low key day. We just were together at home. It rained most of the day, so we put her gifts from us in the garage and let her play with them there. They were:
A little Tykes Cozy Coup

A Tricycle

and a little wagon
She loves the car. I pushed her around the garage for about an hour. We have the video to post on it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

After Party

Kickin' back after the party's over
Me and my bro
Lettin' it all hang out

Kick off the clothes

and put on the new pretty shoes

Birthday Gifts

Kaylynn got a little more into opening gifts this year, but she had to be coaxed some. She loved her pretty shoes, the baby doll with diapers and bottles. She got cute clothes, fun coloring stuff, cool books and other fun things.

Snacks, Yum!

Let Them Eat Cake

This year Kaylynn was less messy, and she didn't put out the candle with her fingers. After we sang to her and she blew out the candle, everyone cheered. She looked up in surprise. She wasn't sure what she had done, but she liked the attention. It was really cute. The mini cupcakes were a big hit.

Our Dora Adventure

So, when I envisioned the Dora birthday party, I decided we would have our own Dora adventure. I should have had someone take pictures along the way, but instead we only got them at the end. Our adventure began at the big gate and the kids had to say "abrea" to 'open' the gate, because the gate speaks spanish. From there they slid down the slide into the balloon pool (I filled her kiddie pool with balloons. I thought of putting bubble bath in it, but knew that would be way too messy. The kids loved playing in all the balloons). We then had to walk along bubble path (a friend was blowing bubbles over the fence along the little path between our deck and the shed) to get to the Pinata. Brandon kept telling me, "they are only 2 dear. They won't be able to break a Pinata". Well, he was correct, but it sure was fun making it (although it looked like an Easter Egg) and the kids had fun swinging at it. Thankfully an older kid was there and she broke it. Otherwise we would have had to have the moms go at it. Oh, when we got to the pinata the kids had to look in backpack and say BACKPACK so we could look and find something that we could use to smack the pinata. We pulled out a number of things and I ask if the plastic floatie would work "NO!!" and a few other various items I had grabbed until we got to the stick and "YES!!!" it would work. One of Kaylynn's friends keeps talking to her mom about the fun Dora adventure. Kaylynn won't remember it, but it sure was fun for me. For the party favors, we sent bags full of things the kids could take home to have their own Dora adventures (playdough, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, Dora Fruit snacks and the like). It was so much fun for me. There will come a day when we'll have to do things Kaylynn wants at her parties. For now it is fun to come up with things, especially since birthdays for me aren't so exciting anymore. So many things are just so much better with little ones. I'm loving this mom business.