Friday, September 12, 2008

Dad's Project

Dad completed his first project on the house, installing a light/ceiling fan in the livingroom. See before and after. Good job, dad, the switch works and everything!

Knotts Socks

Me in my woodstock socks mom got for me at Knotts. The only thing in the store that fit a newborn.


I'm gathering quite a collection of bunnies. So cute!

Yep, it's true!

Yep, it's true. We took a survey and survey says... I am this cute!!!

Bouncy Chair

Chillin in my new bouncy seat (thanks grandma). This is the life. Can somebody get me another bottle of formula? Where's the remote? Music anyone? Are the batteries on this thing running low?

I taut I taw a butterfly

I did! I did see a butterfly!!!

Thanks Auntie Sherilyn

Our second set of overalls are a nice shade of pink with white pin stripe complements of OshKosh and Auntie Sherilyn. Kaylynn loves how they accent her bunny rabbit and really bring out the shape of her huggies diaper hips and bum. No, these do not make me look fat.


Mom didn't take the picture of the ruffles on the bum, the cutest feature of these overalls (aside from the beautiful child in the overalls). They look like they'll endure some of the harsh Alaskan elements nicely from inside a warm house with lots of blankets and the thermostat turned up.

Helping Daddy

Kaylynn was helping daddy, making sure he does all of his ward clerk bulletin stuff correct.

Little Hobbit

Although she doesn't have hairy feet, she does have the distinct Hobbit ears.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Blue

Daddy really liked the blue Sunday dress. It looked great with my blue eyes, plus he says I have too much pink. I think a girl can never have too much pink. Mom has a foot fettish/obsession, but thankfully only with my cute feet. Also, my first stuffed animal. Thanks Uncle Steve, or was it Auntie Charlotte?


Kaylynn is stylin in this collection of adorable clothes and poses. I know there's a lot of pictures of only her, but she's so much more photogenic.

First Playdate

Our friends from Homer have a little girl, Jenna, that is 2 weeks older than Kaylynn. She came to visit for a few hours on Saturday, constituting Kaylynn's first playdate. Kaylynn tried to wake Jenna up to play, but Jenna is a sound sleeper. They ended up enjoying one of both of their favorite activities, a little mid morning nap.