Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cool Pines

So, there are these really cool pines around the corner from our block. They turn yellow and loose all their needles in the winter. We thought we'd get a few photoes. They looked better a week ago, but we didn't get out there til today, so, oh well.

Little Boy

For some reason this one wasn't on the cd the hospital gave us. I just took a picture of it, but couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash. Anyway, boy oh boy he's a boy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ultrasound Pictures of Baby Wilson

Pregenant Tummy

So, I don't take pictures of myself, but some people wanted to see pregnant me, so here it is. I think he's grown quite a bit since this picture.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Box Queen

Aunt Jessica sent a present in this styrophone box. Kaylynn has had so much fun putting the lid on and off, climbing on and off it, climbing inside it, pushing it around. Who needs toys when styrophome will do???


and away

Queen of the boxes

Cute Birthday Clothes

Uh huh

I want the camera

I make this look GOOD

Exersaucer Uses

One's comfy

Two's a bit too cozy

I'm outta here

Beauty Shop

Kaylynn loves the Shampoo and conditioner bottles. I take them out of the tub when she's bathing. This day I forgot to put them back in. She started trying to carry them around. In addition, she tried to sample some. I guess since they smell like green apple, one would assume they tasted like it.

An Apple a Day

Kaylynn loves most all fruit, especially apples, but being that she only has 8 front teeth, chewing can be a bit of a problem. She likes it when I give her a whole apple. She'll take tons of little bites out of it. Not all the bites make it down.

Baby your Baby

Kaylynn has started to really like her stuffed animals and baby dolls. This day she was really into her baby doll. She would carry her around, hug her, kiss her. It was pretty cute.

Bath Chair

Kaylynn had grown out of her tub chair. She got to the point where she was trying to climb out of it and it was more of a hazard than a safety. It was still in the bathroom, though, because her friend used it to stand on to wash her hands. (still a hazard, but she's 3). Kaylynn climbed in it and couldn't get out. She was crying. I had to get pictures before I rescued her. You know, cute pictures first, safety later...

Help me!!!!


When Dee was here we hiked Flattop. I was about to die, well, not die, but it was a workout for out of shape pregnant lady. They would be on ahead, stop to wait for me, and be ready to head out before I got there, let alone had caught my breath. Made me feel better that I wasn't the only one huffing and puffing. It was a nice view from the top. Last time we hiked it, it was a foggy day and we couldn't see much. Don't think I'll need to do it again real soon, though.
Uncle Dee, Kaylynn and dad

We made it

Mom barely did

Kaylynn thought it was great


Our next door neighbor girls wanted to come play at our house, so we invited them to come make cookies with us. They had fun and the cookies were yummy. Just asked Kaylynn. She was the official taste tester.

Siera and Shelby


Back in September Brandon's best friend and brother came to visit. We went to Denali, stayed in a cabin just outside the park, and went for a hike. It was a clear day and we could see Mt. McKinely, even though it was 70+ miles away. It's the tallest of the mountains in North America. It's the snow topped one. Cousin Levi came down from the airforce base in Fairbanks and went with us. He's quite the photographer.
Mt. McKinely
Cousin Levi

Kaylynn was riding in style, and comfort

Fun Visit

We had a good visit with Kaylynn's birth grandma and family. She got to ride in the fun car, destroy some Thomas the Train, pet the dog (she was ok as long as she was going for the dog, but when the dog would come toward her she'd get frightened and back away, holding her hands out in front), eat some cookies and a little cat food (high in protein), and got a lot of really fun toys and way cute clothes. Thanks! We had fun.
Driving, Ms Kaylynn


Beep, beep!

Outta my way, everybody. Here I come.

Kaylynn with Birthgrandma Stacy

So slothful

So, I've been extremely slothful on the upkeep of the blog. Fortunately, I've also become more slothful in the taking of pictures, so there aren't tons to post. Here we go... Catch up time.