Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Favorite Picture Place

We wanted to get a picture at our favorite spot in Homer, but it was rainy and cloudy pretty much the whole weekend. The sun came out on our way to church, but by the time we left church, it was raining again.

Daddy's Girl

Dad was getting her to smile. She's such a happy baby.

Famous Little Lady

All the Homer cousins were enthrawlled. They washed their hands and waited for a turn to hold Kaylynn. Lilly waited so paitently clear to the very last.

Let's Party!

Kaylynn's baby shower in Homer was so much fun. She was the life of the party. Auntie Heather did so much work, and the beautiful cake compliments on Angeline. She got lots of wonderful things she will use and play with and wear. Thanks to all the wonderful friends we have down in Homer. We feel so loved.