Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Basket

Hair on End

We got pictures at Sears last Saturday. Despite the fact that Kaylynn had taken only one very short nap and it was time for her to take her second, she was fabulous. After the picture was taken and the light flashed she would start to giggle and laugh. She loved it. It was so cute. She didn't much enjoy having her clothes changed multiple times, especially since mom and dad were tag teaming to speed things along. She was a very good sport.

Family Photoes

Bathing Beauty

I should advertise for Johnson and Johnson, maybe they'd give me free products!

Blessing Dress

Grandma Pratt made Kaylynn's beautiful blessing dress. She'll get to wear it to the temple, too. It is so pretty. We'll get better pictures of the dress. Grandma did a lot of work and made an alternate pattern just for Kaylynn. Thanks grandma, we love it. It's perfect for our little angel.

Another Playdate

Jena, Kaylynn's friend from homer, came to play again. Here is how it went down...

Hey, what ya got there?

Ahh, why won't you share?
Lookie, I got my own toy!

Hat Patrol

Hey home skillet, I think your hat don't fit you no more...

Jelly Fish

Kaylynn got this jelly fish from the judge after he pronounced things final with the court. He said, "now we have just one more thing to take care of" and brought out this jellyfish and an ostrich. He held them out for her to choose. She looked to

me like she was looking at him, but Brandon says she was eyeing the ostrich. I helped her pick the jellyfish. He's soft.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daddy's Future Competition

Driving Ms. Baby

This is really washed out, but it was really cute. There was a button on the camera for night vision that I didn't know was on.

Watching General Conference

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Announcement of Great Importance!!!

Announcing (Picture to be forthcoming, as she allows it)!!!! Kaylynn has made a major advancement in the growth and development from babyhood into, well, later babyhood. She has her 1st Tooth! She has had a cold the last week or so and we have chalked up her increased clinginess and saddness to her sickness. On Sunday we laid her down for a nap and she cried and cried and cried. After 45 minutes she fell asleep, but only for 30 minutes, then woke up crying again. A bit later in the day I was giving her a drink of water from a glass and heard a 'tink tink' sound. I looked in her mouth and sure enough it was there on the front bottom of her gum, a little pearly point protruding from her tender little gum. First I felt like a crapy parent, then I gave her tylenol, baby oragel and her frozen teething ring. She has been a much happier baby since her parents are properly assisting her through her teething experience. She isn't too excited about sharing it with the world, but as soon as I can get her to, I'll get a picture.