Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sippy Cup

Sippin' like a pro while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. She was only interested when the chipmunks were on screen.

Uh Ohh, Spagettios

From sit to stand, this girl is on the move. She is able to pull herself up and hold onto things for balance with only one hand, but she still topples over frequently. She also is becoming quite the little vacuum, trying to help mom keep the floors clean.

Easter Homie

From Easter Dress, to Easter Homie, this girl looks great in anything.

Easter Dress

Easter just isn't Easter without the Easter Dress... and accessories. Here Kaylynn is sporting a lovely large as (or some might think larger than) life gerber daisy and her stylish Spring time Sandals (which she kept on for about 3 minutes, then squirmed her little feet out of, never to let mom put on again). The dress is a light white cotton shift with yellow spring flower trim and matching panteloons compliments of Sister Bunnell. Mommy already got her dress for next Easter. It's pink and fruffy.

First Easter

Happy first Easter, Kaylynn. She had fun investigating her goods. She got some fun board books, sippy cups, baby cereal puffs and yogurt puffs and a stuffed bunny. She likes the yogurt puffs. She choked on the first cereal puff mom gave her. She needs more practice. Good thing for close adult supervision...
I think it may just be safest to let her chew on the package for now.

Lilly's buddies

Lilly is one of Kaylynn's friends that comes over 3 times a week while we do work out/baby sitting exchange. She loves the stuffed animals. She has cheer bear with her. Doesn't she look cheery???

Sugar and Spice, Homer Style

To truly complete this ensamble, Kaylynn needs some knee high plastic boots, a knit hat, leggings that do not match at all, a few weeks with no bath and a back pack.
If a pictures worth 1,000 words, how long an essay would this one be?

That's what little girls are made of

Karate chop

Sweet Hairdo

Hurray, you like my style?

Don't you wish you could look this good?

It takes a lot of work, but you can.

Pretty Purple Bink Baby

Check out my Sweet Crib

Yo Homies, wanted everyone to check out my crib. This is where I spend so many a sweet dream. I kinda like it.

Sweet Seven Month Skills