Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Favorite Beach Activity

Kaylynn's favorite part of Hawaii was the sand. She loved walking in it, eating it, shoveling it, sprinkling it, tossing it, dumping it. If she didn't have a pail and shovel, she would find other kids on the beach and 'borrow' theirs.

It was great, as we thought we'd have to chase her out of the water. Actually, we had to take her in and little by little get her in. She finally enjoyed it by the last day.

Sand Boarding

She may be a beginner

But she appears to be a pro

Look at that perfect form

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This was the night we were at the park playing sand volley ball with Heath and Tara, that's Heath and Tara Smith from Homer. We also got to visit with Tony from Homer. It was pretty crazy, hangin' with many of our friends from Homer, AK in Maui, Hawaii.

Headin' to Hanna

Just the guys went to Hanna, a town 55 miles away on the tropical side of the island with pools and
waterfalls and all sorts of beauty. It takes hours to get there because the road is so twisty and turny. I knew Kaylynn and I didn't want to be on it, especially after what happened on the road from the crater. We are awaiting the pictures from their trip. When they are sent to us, I'll post them.


Do you see it?
The gecko on the arm of the couch

So, he wasn't the Geico Gecko, but he was pretty interested in the computer. Tayler is a pro at catching the little lizards, and thankfully the lizards are pretty good at catching Cockroaches. I saw 2 cockroaches... they are nasty insects.


We were a bit concerned as to how we would keep Kaylynn entertained on the 5 1/2 hour flight to Hawaii, but a friend borrowed us their portable DVD player. When the big kids were watching the big tv, it came in handy for the little kids to get to watch the little tv.

This is Kaylynn and Tanner, both completely enthrawled in Finding Nemo. Originally the player was pointed so both could see, and slowly Tanner would turn it toward him.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Crater

Cute girl, right!

You may wonder why she is in her diaper on the grass. The story is...

We drove up (10,000 feet elevation of winding road) to see the crater, but it was foggy. On the drive down, the brakes were smoking, and all the crew inside the car (including 3 children, 4 adults, one of which is pregnant) were all getting a bit nauseated. We thought Kaylynn was needing her ears to pop from the elevation change, but, after pushing the bink and bottle on her for about 7,000 feet, she did what many in the car were threatening to do... she barfed all over. While it didn't smell too sweet, it gave us all the opportunity to get out of the car, get some air, and get her cleaned up. That's why she's in nothing but a diaper.

Local Produce

Brandon got a variety of local produce. I must say, I'm more a peach, cherry and apple fan. Bananas tasted like bananas. Star fruit, although it looks awesome, is a little bitter. Bread fruit was kind of pithy. Mangos weren't in season. Passion fruit seamed to leave me lacking the passion. The avacados were good. Coconut milk isn't bad. The pineapples were great. Got me some cankersores from them.


So, I can't help it. I was taking the pictures, and Heather's computer crashed along with all the pictures she took of us, so I mainly got tons of pictures of our little Hawaiian beauty. I think everyone will agree, she's the cutest among us anyway. While all the beach pictures may look similar, they were at different beaches, different days. She had the same swim suit (different swim diaper, though) which is now permanently imbedded with so soft Hawaiian sand.
Best seat

Go dad!!!
(Kaylynn cheering for Brandon as he works at boogie boarding)

The boogie boarding (off in the distance)

On the go with the bucket

On the go, without the bucket

Some of the Locals

Big Beach

This was our first day at the beach. I got wiped out 3 times, twice of which I went head over heals and got a saline nasal enema (my sinuses were clear for almost 24 hours), and my briches filled with sand.

Kaylynn loved the beach. She almost ate her body weight in sand, ok, not quite, but she processed her share.

We were afraid we'd have to chase her around to keep her from drowning. I got a harness/leash thing for her and all. We never had to use it. She loved to just play in the sand. She would walk along and if she found other kids she would go up to them and start playing with them and their sand toys.

Welcome to Hawaii

Our friends greeted us at the airport with sweet smelling leis. Just like on Fantasy Island. Ahh, Hawaii does smell good.
Kaylynn wasn't quite as excited about wearing them

But she did a good modeling job

She was very happy to be there

And this was her favorite chair in the house