Friday, June 18, 2010


Whew...I've finally got all the postings up to date, except for the videos. Almost didn't think I'd get them on there. Hopefully I'll keep it more up to date. Here's to hoping.


Our little ones


Dogs and cats, on the pj's, that is.


Look at these rolls.

The other day I noted how Robert and I have similar phisiques: chunky cheeks, chubby thighs, round tummy. He makes it look good.

Too Tasty

Kaylynn was playing with him, giving him kisses and loves when he started wailing like he rarely does. He became a victim. Kaylynn hasn't usually bit unless we are trying to get something out of her mouth. Hope it isn't the start of a pattern. He's pretty tough.

Here he's working his tough man pose. This is his lineman or maybe his bouncer pose.

Just Too Cute


Recently she has developed a love of hats.
Also, she gets her pj's on backwards so she doesn't unzip them and take them and her diapers off. She likes to fly free.

Got my Phone

Showing the Ropes

Kaylynn loves to help Robert play with his toys. She talks to him and shows hom how it's done.

Me and My Babes

We don't take pictures of us with the kids too often.

Suited Up

So handsome, but he didn't like the tie

Shoulder Ride

He's not too sure about this


FYI: He wasn't sampling their wine, just wearing their onesie.

Alaska Aces

I was at a charity fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis (a friend of mine was co-chairing) and they had a silent auction. The helmet and stick are signed by this years Alaska Aces team. It was listed as valued at $700. I'm not a fan, but our friends in Homer sure are. No one had bid on it, so I called and asked if they'd want me to bid on it. They got it for around $235ish. Go Aces!

Best Buds

These two were watching a movie. Experts say you shouldn't let children under age 3 watch tv/movies. Yeah right! Do they have kids?

Too Cool

This is currently my favorite of her sweaters and her shoes

It is way more fun dressing her than me. She has a much better wardrobe.
So, I love her with her headbands on, unfortunately, she is able to take them off. Rarely do they last long. A few weeks ago she kept it on all through sacrament meeting. She pulls at her pigtails and ponytails, too. I continue to wage the war, but she wins most of the battles.

Swing Baby Swing

Look at those chunky little cheeks, and the chubby little legs.
Whenever Robert is down on the floor, Kaylynn loves to get down and play with him. She will lay on the floor and reach out her hands when she wants to hold him. Also, she can take off her pants and, if she doesn't have a onesie on, her diaper too.

Excited for Church

I promise I didn't yell or beat them. Kaylynn was really upset that I wouldn't let her have the camera. Despite the sorrow, they sure are cute.

Home Girl

Kaylynn loves to play the piano. She can climb up on the bench by herself now. She plays lovely songs for us. She likes mom and dad to accompany her.

She also loves being on the table, which she is not supposed to.

She's a bink girl. Robert doesn't like the bink. He knaws on his fingers. We've started that Kaylynn only gets her bink at bedtime and naptime. It makes her a little more excited to go to bed... just a little, though.

This is her favorite sweatshirt. Whenever she sees it, she wants it put on. The sad thing is that she has now outgrown it. She still would want it on. It was becoming more of a belly sweatshirt. She looked like she was supposed to be an 80's child.

She also is into dress up. Her friends have princess outfits and she loves to put them on. This is her fruffy skirt that she likes, too.

Home Boy

Soooooo Handsome

Just Chillin'

My Monkeys

Pooh Baby