Monday, September 29, 2008

Cute Little Belly

I was getting Kaylynn dressed for the day and she was cooing and singing. She loves to stretch out. She's growing so much. Her little tummy is so cute.

You pose Dad!

The cool trees and the view. And most importantly... Kaylynn and dad.

Bundled Baby

We bundled Kaylynn up and off and away. She slept the whole time. I love the carrier pack. She likes to be close, and that way I can safely use both hands and give her love. Here dad's doing the job.

First Hike

This weekend was one of the most beautiful of the year. Clear skies, although a chill in the air. We hiked flattop, or actually jusy Blueberry trail. There was snow on flat top. It is more of a hike, and we didn't want to damage our precious cargo, we only went the easy half. I wasn't too upset. She slept the whole time.

Baby Torture Successful

Actually, Kaylynn doesn't get too worked up about the boogie snatcher. Dad is becoming expert in its usage. Look at the innocence in her eyes. Complete trusting and love. Totally oblivious to the fact that dad just sucked a huge boogie out, started to laugh, and called for mom to get the camera "quick!" Moments like these you won't remember, so we have to document them for you.