Friday, November 14, 2008

Good movies

Lately we've seen a few movies we really like. Expelled, no Intelligence Allowed, Neverwas and Get Smart.

Drooly Girl

Kaylynn has become quite the drooler. She now has a large collection of bibs. So much easier to change 3 bibs a day than 3 shirts or outfits. She was getting disgruntled with mom taking so many pictures.

Cutest Squeals Ever

Three Months Old

Well, time sure does fly when you're having fun, and we have lots of it every day. I guess that's why it is so amazing to see how much Kaylynn has grown and to realize she is officially 3 months old. She is wearing the sweet oshkosh overalls Auntie Sher got for her on our shopping excursion the day she was born. They looked so big. How my little one's growing.


Wow, is that my tummy? Where did my toes go? Is there lint in there?

I think I can

Kaylynn is trying very hard to be able to sit up. When I prop her on pillows, she tends to lean forward and face plant into the blankets. When she's laying on her back she tries to pull herself up, like a pilates move. She'll be able to do it before too long. She is getting so strong.


Babycakes is growing. Look at the chubby little legs and tummy. She was getting a little upset when I posted this picture. I think she was saying "how about you show the world all your rolls?" Well, it's cute on her.


So it was not too long ago that the tub was quite large. Now sweet pea sits in it all nice and comfy and all too soon she will be too big for it. She loves her baths.

Ugh, Shots

Our Little Trooper

Kaylynn had her shots today. I told her to take a good look at the nurses face as it wasn't mommy doing it. One second peace, joy, smiles and laughter... the next pain, tears and sorrow. She actually has long since forgotten it, but mom holds onto the torment of the moment.

Sunday Sunday

So, back at the shoe fettish. Dad hates these shoes too because they don't stay on well. It is hard work looking as good as she does all the time.

Kaylynn's Lion

Kaylynn has started to like toys. Although she still is working on her hand/eye coordination, it gets better every day.