Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Favorite Activity

Nine Month Skills

Halo Hair

Just had to post these. With the sunlight in the background, it kind of forms a halo.

Mother's Day

I woke up Mother's Day to this on my bedside. What a beautiful gift from my little angel. Daddy gave mom the beautiful bedroom set. It is very nice and very large. Our bedroom is now filled with lovely furniture. It was a wonderful day. Thanks my little angel and my love. What a blessing and joy it is to be a mom. This last year so many of my hopes and dreams have come to be in our precious blessing. Of course we did things a bit backwards, parent to a teen first. I love both my girls and I love Brandon so very much. Family is what is truly important in life. I'm so thankful for mine.


Recorder Prodegy

Mom's Favs

Blessing Day

This was after church on May 3rd, the day daddy blessed me in our Klatt ward in Anchorage. Trace Carlos, Ben Allison, Bishop Milliman, Bernie Brown and Jay Wilcox were in the circle. Kaylynn kept trying to sit up. Brother Wilcox said he put his hand on top of her so she couldn't sit up. After the blessing Brandon turned around and kind of showed her to the congregation. She gave a big old smile and waved both hands to everyone. She was so happy. She is a charmer. What an awesome day.


Ok, this has gotta go...

I'm otta here, baby...

Whohoo, I can smell the freedom!

Just a little bit further...

So, as you can see, the photo shoot wasn't all fun and games. Kaylynn tried to escape many times. Fortunately, I got a couple of good ones before she escaped for good.

Ready for Church

These pictures were taken before we went to church.

Kaylynn was very beautiful.

She even let mom put on her pretty bracelett

And a one, a two, a one two three four... practicing for when she leads the music.

Just so beautiful.