Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy dad time

Special Dress

This dress was made by grandma for mom when she was a baby. It is a bit big, but it sure is pretty. Dad said it was too hard to hold on to me.

Sleepy Girl

So sleepy, but fighting it. Time to succomb and go visit dreamland.

Too cute

These pictures were just too cute not to put on. What can I say, she's a doll.


So, Kaylynn and I were sleeping so soundly on a Saturday morning and dad comes in and takes a picture. The flash woke me up before the picture
was taken. This is what I look like when Kaylynn got up 4 or so times in one night. It might have been more, I can't remember. She didn't have a good night.

Leutenant Kaylynn Laforge

Here Kaylynn is trying out for the part as co-star to Lt Jordy LaForge from Star Trek. The head
band/eyepiece helped him see, I think it will hinder her sight just a bit. It also works as a eye shield from the light.

Sweet Headbands

Bad Hair Day

So, mom was testing out how long Kaylynn's hair was. I brushed it all up, and it dried that way. She looks like she's not so happy about this, but it was really cute.

P Jamas

Mom loves these soft pjamas. Kaylynn likes they, too. Sweet dreams little angel.

Sleeping Beauty

Awaiting her handsome prince. Daddy has his shotgun ready.