Friday, September 5, 2008

Kaylynn's Conversation

So, we love to listen to her coo and make her baby noises. It may not be as enthrawling to you all, but to us, we love it. Our little sweet pea. Sorry for the poor quality of the film. We needed more light, but didn't want to wake her.

I'm a Model

Kaylynn often sleeps with her hands posed around her face, such as in these pictures. She's practicing for her future in modeling.

Kaylynn and Caitlyn

When we first moved to Homer, we would sit behind the Smith's. When Caitlyn was born, I vied for the honor of holding her while her mom took Kian out for the what for. Now she's holding
our little one, how time flies and little ones grow.

More Visitors

Grandma Pat, Pappa Ray, Mirissa and Ryker came by to visit. She's famous

Party Time

Kaylynn's first party, her baby shower. She got so many cute things. Daddy was very happy for the cute wardrobe so mommy won't buy so many more clothes, as she has quite the stylin wardrobe thanks to the Klatt sisters. She was getting some love from all the ladies there.

She felt so comfortable in the love, she didn't hardly even wake for it. What a princess.

Chillin Out of Doors

So, dad hooked Kaylynn up with a hat to go outside, but it kept falling over her eyes. She got to watch Dad and Cindy play catch, then we went to a ward picnic. She was snuggled in so many layers of fleece, she had no clue we were outside. It was one of the nicer summer days we've had.

Jessica's Wedding Day

Mike, Jessica and Dillon Jewitt- Congrats Sis. It was a nice day. Glad I was there. Love ya.