Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Our tree has done so well, it has started to sprout new buds. I think it likes it here.

The Hunt for the Perfect Christmas Tree

I packed the camera
Cindy packed Kaylynn

Steve packed the chainsaw

Brandon packed the tree
It was a good arrangement.


For Thanksgiving we went to the Wilcox's. There were a number of other families there. We had lots of good food, good conversation and good game playing.

One of the traditions they have is a pinata for the kids. Kaylynn was the youngest so she got to go first. She had just gotten up from a nap and wasn't too into it.

That, or maybe she's against pinata cruelty

Getting Dad's Lunch

When Brandon gets home from work, Kaylynn loves to take his lunch box and play with it

1, 2, 3, Bake

Kaylynn was helping me get things ready to cook up a storm
She was entertained by the strange white powder?
It doesn't taste too good

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So, Hawaii was wonderful. I think we should make it an annual occurance. The smell of the flowers was lovely, the water was warm, the sun was shining. It is a great place to be during an Alaskan winter. Here's to hoping for next year.

Old Lahina Luoou

Hawaiin Oragami

The beach front

It's a Hawian statue of me

Let it begin

The Louou was really cool. They went through the history of Hawaii and the louou. The outfits definitely changed after Christianity was introduced. No more coconut shells.

Banyan Tree

This is all one tree


View from the convertable

Looks like he's made to drive one

The sky above

The trees along side

I'm Lovin' This


My little angel, you are only this small once. As we would walk along the beach I kept looking at your little footprints in the sand and would think how precious and little your feet are. You are my little one and I love you so much.

Water Fun

Wave Jumping (aka near drowning a few times)

Snorkeling (Brandon's out there somewhere)

That little black spot is Brandon's head- snorkeling

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Favorite Beach Activity

Kaylynn's favorite part of Hawaii was the sand. She loved walking in it, eating it, shoveling it, sprinkling it, tossing it, dumping it. If she didn't have a pail and shovel, she would find other kids on the beach and 'borrow' theirs.

It was great, as we thought we'd have to chase her out of the water. Actually, we had to take her in and little by little get her in. She finally enjoyed it by the last day.

Sand Boarding

She may be a beginner

But she appears to be a pro

Look at that perfect form