Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cindy's Baptism

This was the day Cindy was bapsised, Febuary of 2007. Brandon baptised her. I gave a talk on bapstim. The Pendleton's made dessert crepes because Cindy requested it.

The View

The moose was right outside our bedroom window in Homer. We heard a weird noise and looked out and there it was. The other was our backyard view. During the summer it was kind of swampy. It was fun to just jump on the snowmachine and take off though the snow.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Emma was having a great time, Timmy was doing pretty good, but for some reason Hallie was having hardship. I think maybe she had just gotten a gutter. Nonetheless, it was lots of fun bowling with them. I think they probably outscored me.

This was just a cute picture of Tate holding Jordyn, or maybe Lilly. I don't remember which of the twins was in purple that day. Tate could tell me, though. She's a good big sister.

Newest Arrival

Morgan Paisley, the newest arrival to the family, came to Justin and Jayme the beginning of June. Her name spurred conversation about naming children. One should always think about Junior High and what a child may suffer because of a name.

Family at the Salt Lake Temple the day Justin and Jayme were sealed. We sure were looking cheerful. It was lunchtime or something.

Justin (my youngest of the "little brothers") and Jayme the day they were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. We weren't able to go to their wedding, but we made it for the sealing. It was awesome.

Nieces and Nephews

Danielle holding Jordyn, Collin, Tate holding Lilly, Dillon with Nichole and Clarkie in the back. I took about 15 pictures trying to get a good one of all the grandkids for grandma, these were the best. I guess I'll have to work on my photo shoots of groups of young children.

The Snake Charmer

Sherilyn caught a garden snake in the front yard. Emma and Timmy were enthrawled. Hallie wanted nothing to do with it.


Look at those muscles... My hero.

Playing with the Kiddies

Kian and Caitlyn came to stay with us for a week or so while their parents went to Mexico. We had lots of fun. We flew kites (although we had little wind for it), played at the park, had water gun fights, and went for lots of walks. They loved to see dogs, but Caitlyn would come apart if one came near us. Kian got sick and it gave me the opportunity to look forward to potty training when it's our turn. We had fun, but I think all of us were glad to see their parents come home. Two toddlers sure keep you busy.

Wilsons Ride Again

These were taken after Brandon and his dad went for a serious ride with the guys. They didn't come back quite as dirty as Cindy, but they each got their share of Alaskan dirt. Like father like son.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Plane Ride

Last summer, we went fishing with a guy from Ninilchik. His friend flies this plane and took us each for a ride. It was pretty fun. From the sky you could see the schools of fish down in the river. It made me wonder how we missed catching them. Guess we're ametures.

The Trek

Brandon and I in our Pioneer Attire from the Youth Conference Trek. We were Grandma and Grandpa and the youth were divided into families. They were in charge of organizing our handcart, our campsite, our food, etc. We were to oversee things. It was an awesome testimony building experience for everyone and it really made us yearn for children. It was a huge factor in us deciding to have Cindy join our family through foster care.

How about a mud pie?

This is one of the adventures Cindy took the 4-wheeler on, back when we had a 4-wheeler. Her and Jane got it stuck up to the axels and had one heck of a time getting it out. One thing I loved about our house in Homer was that we could get on the 4-wheeler or snowmachine and leave straight from our house. It was fun. We sold the 4-wheeler when we moved, though. No place to store it and not so many places to ride it here in the city. You have to take it somewhere to ride. We had some nice rides along Bishops beach.


This was our hike to flattop. It was a very cloudy day, thus we didn't have much of a view other than clouds. It was pretty cool, like on a walk in the clouds. Cindy was pretty excited to get to the top, as you can see. Good thing I'm not looking haggard or anything. It was a pretty good hike toward the end. We are going to do it again here as soon as it is a nice, clear day. Then we should be able to get great pictures of the view. Our plan is to do something outdoorsy each weekend this summer. So far, doing about 50%, if tennis is included in that outdoors.

Our Favorite View

This seems to be the spot that is our favorite view. We take everyone who visits us to this spot in Homer. It overlooks the spit, the bit of land sticking out there in the bay. We've got many a posed picture here, even more of which have funny faces, watery eyes or eyes closed. Brandon loves it when I try to get us all in for a photo shoot.

Brandon went down first. This is about as far as I got when I chickened out. My brother does rope rescue down 500 ft drops and I can't go 50. One of the first times I went down a 25-30 foot drop I got my hair caught in the carabener. Thankfully I was almost to the bottom and someone helped untangle it. Otherwise, I might have a bald patch on my head.

Cindy halfway down the mountain thinking "What was I thinking?" As soon as she got to the bottom she climbed up and did it again. The second time she was much faster.

Rapelling in Utah

Last June my "little" (now over 6' tall brother) took us Rapelling. We got all suited up and climbed the mountain. It was Cindy's first time. She was shaking as she went over the edge, but Jared talked her down. Next went Brandon and then my cousin. When it came to my turn, I chickened out. I got to the first ledge and just couldn't lean out over the ledge. My brother tried to talk me down, but I was having a major pansy moment. I've done it before, but I've just gotten whimpier and whimpier in my old age. Maybe next time.