Thursday, May 26, 2011

Help Me!!!!

Robert was contentedly playing in his saucer when Kaylynn decided to climb under. I don't know what she was thinking, but she got stuck and couldn't get out. She kept saying, "help me, help me.
Robert looks more like he's the one that needs some help.

Easter Baskets, 2011

Seven Months Pregnant with Elayna

Easter Outfits

I tried to get a nice picture of her in her Easter dress
But she wouldn't hold still
and she kept making silly faces
So these are what we have

Of my gang in their Easter outfits

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

We did an egg hunt with some of Kaylynn's friends again this year.
Thankfully there wasn't any snow this year.
We invited a lot more people,
but many had other things to do or were sick

so it ended up Robert, Kaylynn, three of her friends and about 200 Easter Eggs.

We had to keep telling them there were more they needed to get. Kaylynn filled her basket, then filled Robert's. She had lots of fun.


Our skylight had cracks in it so Brandon replaced it.

Kaylynn loved to look up through the bathroom ceiling and see him.

Kaylynn loved to look up through the bathroom ceiling and see him. For a week or so afterward, every time Brandon was outside she would run to the bathroom, look up to the skylight and say, "daddy, where are you?"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Robert's Second Haircut

Brandon said he would buzz Robert's hair if I didn't cut it, so here is Robert's second haircut.

It made him look like a little boy insteady of a baby.

Bye bye to my boy's cute curls.

My Handsome Man (men)

Bedtime Storytime

Independent Storytime
Together storytime

Cindy's Birthday

Kaylynn helped Cindy blow out her candles and unwrap her presents. She tried to open the present many times before Cindy got here. She's really into birthdays.
Where are the wild things?
Here they are...

Kaylynn was jumping on the bed and she bounced off and banged into the dresser. She's wild sometimes.

Daddy's Shoes

She has a bit to go before she fills his shoes, but she sure is growing fast.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Daddy's Girl

Six Months Pregnant

My Sleepy Boy

The kids were downstairs watching a movie and this is how Robert fell asleep.