Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ready for Trick or Treaters

Audios Anchorage

So, we received our first real snowfall of the season. A few inches. Nothing bad. People ask if I'm excited about the snow... Well, we had a really great summer, so it won't be as bad going into winter. There are some fun things to do in the snow, and with the snow comes the holidays, which I love. I can say, though, that I don't feel too bad about this snow, even though it reminds me we need to get the studs on the kia. I guess the reason I'm not to bugged is that I know that in 2 days we'll be sitting in the sun on the beach in Maui. I know the snow will be here all winter for us to enjoy, so we're going to go soak up some sun. We should have tons of great pictures to post upon our return. I ask, where would a pregnant woman rather be? I can't think of anyplace better.

Daddy's Shoes

Kaylynn loves to put on daddy's shoes. I didn't catch her at the right moment. Just before this picture was taken she had her feet in each of the shoes and was trying to walk. It is even cuter when she tries it with his steel-toed work boots.

Our Girl

Kaylynn's hair is getting longer and longer, but she is now to a point where she is able to refuse the cute headbands, fights the pig tails, and pulls out the clips and sucks on them. It takes conserted effort and/or extreme distraction to allow for a cute hairdo. This day, mommy won the battle, but the war continues...

Handing out the Treats

Video of Kaylynn here...

Halloween 2009

The crew from Pooh
Kanga with Roo in the pouch, Tigger, Pooh and Cleopatra (not an official Pooh character)
Tell it to the Tails

Kanga and Tigger

Live and in Action

Brandon designed a relay for the Halloween Party. It started with the lifesaver/toothpick pass, advanced to the balloon pop where players had to get the balloon on the chair using anything except their arms/hands and then pop it, apple eating (had to get to the core of the apple) and ended with spinning around 7 times on the bat and then shooting and making a basket. Thankfully the pregnant lady didn't have to spin and shoot. It was a bit chaotic. A few of the kids got pretty freaked out, but it was lots of fun.

Halloween Party

This year we had a Halloween party the day before Halloween. It was lots of fun. We had good food, good games, and fun prizes. I think it will become a holiday tradition for us.
Ben, Katie and Sarah

Michelle, aka H1N1

Mathias, aka Balloon Boy

Yes, it's truly that vegetarian vampire and his human girlfriend
(Jen and Coffee)
Little Bo Peep with her sheep (Allison)

Ted and Jennifer and their tripple bonded molecule

Cindy, I mean Cleopatra

Working crew from the Village People??? (Stephanie and Kenny)

Grandpa Wilson

Kaylynn with Grandpa and soon to be Grandma Wilson

Vroom Vroom


At Aunt Alicia's

Kaylynn had a lot of fun at Aunt Alicia's. She was so excited to play with little kids again, after being just with adults for a few days, she lived it up. She did make Adam and Rachel cry a bit, but that is mainly because she doesn't know her own strenght. She was killing them with kindness. I guess sometimes one can show a little too much love. Kaylynn had Rachel in a deathgrip hug hold at one time. Rachel didn't quite appreciate it.
Cousin Adam

Uncle Zane and Aunt Krista

Auntie Sher

Emma and Auntie Krista

Dancing with the Cousins

Kaylynn and Adam were shaking their groove thing along to the tune of "Doe a deer" from the Sound of Music.

Nicole's Wedding

So, the purpose of our trip to Utah was to attend Nicole's wedding. Her and Misty are my best friends from Dixie college. We were roomies. It was really great to be there. She married a great guy. I am so happy for her. It was a fun reception. We got to wear bangles, there was a henna party (I took Kaylynn to her cousin's instead of going to that), lots of East Indian and Jewish type dancing. It was a multi-cultural event. One of the funnest receptions I've ever been to.
Party time

Nicole and her husband dancing

Nicole's dress

Me and Misty, and yes, I always end up closing my eyes

Misty, Rick and their little boy

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Pratt

The Holy Word

Kaylynn got lots of good one on one with Grandpa Pratt as he had Monday and Tuesday off work.

She made sure to get in some time reading sciptures.

To the Garden

Ok, let's go
Are you coming?

Kaylynn had tons of fun going out to the garden with Grandpa.


So, Kaylynn would go grab her coat and bring it to me. Most of the time during our visit to Utah it was unusually warm, but there were a few days the jacket was required. She quickly learned she should take her coat to Grandpa and he would take her out. They went on a number of adventures... to the garden, to visit the cat, to the apple tree. Here she is sampling some of the garden harvest... A carrot almost as big as her, well, almost.

Kaylynn and the Kitty

At first Kaylynn wasn't too sure about Taffy, the cat.

She warmed right up to her after not too long.

Dancing with Grandpa Pratt

Hair War

The Young Women came to our house to learn to make rolls. When Brandon had been at Girl's Camp with them this summer he promised them he'd ref a hair war competition. Here are our winners... Kara and Haleigh. Just a side note, when I competed against Brandon almost 10 years ago, I won ; )

Monday, November 9, 2009