Thursday, February 19, 2009


She is just like a little dress up doll, except so much more huggable, kissable and lovable.

Strutting her Sesame Street Stuff

Cindy gave Kaylynn this outfit. Cindy likes Elmo. We're yet to see if Kaylynn is a fan. She did seem to like the stuffed animal of Elmo. Only the future will tell if she goes for Elmo or possibly goes for Mom's favorite, Grover.

Valentine's Flowers

So, both mommy and Kaylynn got Valentines Flowers. Roses for mommy, carnation for babylove.

Dream Dress

I made this dress 13 years ago. It fit Kaylynn perfect and is so cute. I love putting things on her that I've dreamed of putting on my little girl. She is the fulfillment of many dreams. Mommy loves you, my little angel.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentines

This was taken on Valentines Day. We looked over and she was posing so perfectly. She started to move just as I took the picture. It could be an advertisment for v-tech toys.


This was Kaylynn's first taste of squash. She wasn't too sure of it at first, but by the end of the week she was downing it. This week has been carrots. She's acquiring a liking for the texture, or at least a tolerance.


It all comes out in the wash, just not all of it is so adorable.


Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that's what our little girl is made of. And she pulls it off nicely in this adorable pink and brown butterfly ensamble compliments of Auntie Heather.

What You Looking At?

What, you never sucked on your daddy's toes?


Hmm, what is this? Guess I'll just sit back and chill.

Note on Video Postings

So, there were/are a number of videos I want to put on here, but they won't be in order. Mainly I love them. They may be a bit boring for others. No matter. You can always navigate away.

1st Sled Ride... Almost

We were getting set for dad to take Kaylynn on her 1st sled ride, but for safety purposes had to pause.


So, I accidentally pushed the play button when the camera was in my pocket, thus you can hear things, but only see darkness the first little bit. The end has the important 1st sled ride. I don't yet know how to edit the video, so you have to watch my incompetent video skills.

Kaylynn's Concert featuring Grandpa Pratt

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009


Cousins Live

Movin' and a Schoochin'

Baby life

Just chillin' in my purple pj's. Ahh, this is the life. Hey mom, could I get a 4 ouncer of formula? Until then I'll just knaw on these here toes.

Gotta Love Me

Mommy and Me

Not so flattering of mommy, but I sure am cute!

Mmm, I love these toes

Tasty, tasty tootsies.


Mommy Wow, I'm a big girl now!


Check out this plastic apolstery.

Want some?

Eating in Style

video of Kaylynn 1st eating to go here

Enter Rice Cereal

Kaylynn's first time eating rice cereal...

She was sad when we would stop...

Excited about cereal!


What do you mean your moving?

Nah, your just joking, right?

Come, Free Hairstyles

Kaylynn has opened her own hair boutique. She offers scalp stimulation, formula nutrient treatments, and painful hair removal.

Perfect Configuration of Astethically Pleasing Hair

Kaylynn was perfecting her hairstyling technique on her first victim, I mean client. Can you believe, she hasn't gone to one day of beauty school!

Growing up

First Sneakers

Cute shoes

What are these?

5 Months Old


All bundled up to go into the humidifier tent for the night. For a week or so after our return from our visit to Utah, we were all very sick with a nasty cold

One on One with Grandpa

Note the quality care she gives her puppy dog.

Abandonded Panda Found

Dillon forgot his Panda in Oak City. He loves his panda very much. Kaylynn was debating taking the abandonded animal into custody, but she already had a bear, a puppy and a penguin to care for, so grandma had to ship Panda priority mail to Texas.

More Cousins

Love the cousins (Lilly, Tate, Collin and Jordyn)

The Winsors

Kaylynn loved visiting the Winsor's, even though that's when she was hit harder with her cold. She had a Happy New Year there.