Friday, April 23, 2010

First Booties

A friend gave him the cute jacket

Which perfectly match

The booties mommy made him

Boy Blue and his Shoes

Baby Work

Being this cute

Is exhausting work

Mom's Favs

A little bit of love

can go a long,

long way


How to Commendeer a Swing

Pretend to be going in for a hug

Gentle push little brother out

Climb on in and relive the memories

Little Boy Blue

Picture of Innocense

Look at me

I'm really filling out

Sister Love

Sometimes it can ba painful

Sometimes not so much

More Muscles

Weak man...

Strong man

Mommy Kaylynn

What a good mommy

While I was taking care of Robert, Kaylynn got her dolly and took good care of her.

Baby Shower

First Bath

Iron Man

Look at these muscles, and this is with his eyes closed.

Happy Birthday Babies

January 25, 2010

Little Alisa's birthday

And little Robert's birthday.
These two were born the same day, same hospital, they both weighed the same (7 lbs) and they are in the same ward.


Kaylynn was pretty busy.

She had to keep everything in her day planner to make sure she didn't miss an appointment.

Grammy's Visit

So glad grandma could visit

She helped so much

Kaylynn was glad to have someone to play with

Even though she was a bit of a handful

Robert was pretty easy going

He just loves to be loved

Mommy's Little Man

Check out these muscles
Are we done yet?

Aren't we cute?

Who are you?

Ten little fingers

Ten Little toes

Such a cute boy