Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting Her Potassium

Eklutna Lake

Even though it was raining, we went on a hike around Eklutna Lake
Our friends (Sarah, Ben and Katie) came with us

Kaylynn got to try out her new baby pack pack

She loved it

But eventually she got tired

Sarah, Ben and Katie

Amanda, Brandon and Kaylynn

We hiked at least 5 maybe 6 miles. It was more of a walk around the lake, but it was a few hours. We'll have to camp there sometime and kayak.

Our Cutie Pie

Pied Piper in Peppy Shoes

Too Cute for Words


Painting Project

We decided, after living in our house for a year, that it was time to paint. I was sick of white walls. We have had white walls since we left Logan. We picked out a few paint chips and stuck them on the wall for a few weeks and finally decided. They look great. Kaylynn got tired of not being able to roam free, but thankfully it only took us a few days, and we didn't do it all consecutively. It took us a few weekends.
Getting Started

Kaylynn helped this way
Dining Room
Living Room

Rockin' Action