Friday, December 5, 2008


Kaylynn now, in addition to headbanging her light and music toy, loves to lick it. I wonder if it tastes good, but don't wonder enough to try it for myself.

Pooh Baby

Kaylynn has outgrown her brown jacket, so we advanced her to pooh bear. Isn't she a cutie!

Baby facial

So Kaylynn is trying out her own patened facial cream. The picture doesn't do it justice. She spit up when being burped an I didn't notice until she had rubbed her face in it. It was in her hair, down her neck, everywhere.

Deck the Halls

Kaylynn likes the angel on top. She moves her wings and arms.


Here Cindy and Kaylynn are contributing to the decorating. Actually, I think dad was putting on the lights. We decorated the tree for family home evening.

Sell Outs

Well, contrary to the Wilson tradition, we didn't go cut down our own tree this year. Cindy wasn't too excited about traipsing out into the cold, I wasn't too excited about taking Kaylynn out, We have to drive an hour to get to where we can cut one, the truck isn't insured because we aren't using it, it was snowing, and I could probably go on and on with other excuses. Instead we sold out (bit it wasn't cheap) and bought one that was imported from Minnesotta or something. It looks and smells good. See Brandon hide in shame.

Chillin with Dadd-e-ooh


So this is what Kaylynn thinks of D&D... "Perception check! Ohhh, pretty light..."


Cherry Overalls

Mom pretty much loves overalls. We got the front view (cute), the back view (bum ruffles, very cute) and topside (adorable).

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Okay, Yeah

So, I'm pretty adorable, aren't I?

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Trying to sit up, but she would keep going forward if mom let go. Still working on it. Getting stronger each day.

Hmm, What's your story?


Kaylynn just laid there and listened to Asison play the piano. Adison and her mom watch Kaylynn when mom and dad go to the temple each month.

What a Babe

Had to wear the hat to complete the ensamble.

Sleepy Swing

She fell asleep in the swing and every now and then would wake enough she'd lift her head, and then drop it back down. I tried propping her head with things, but to no avail.

Party Time

Actually, anytime between 1 and 5 am you'll probably catch her trying to put back a 2-ouncer or so.

Jungle Playland

What's she looking at? Oh, I see. The flutterbys. Kaylynn likes her playgym as long as mom doesn't stray too far and she feels deserted.

Soo cute

Tryin' to Sit

Kaylynn's really trying to sit up, but just hasn't got the muscle control yet. She likes to have us help. When we pull to sitting position she holds her head up well.