Friday, March 6, 2009

Important Date

Exciting stuff... We have the date to finalize. It is Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 11 am. Our lawyer said it is about the only time in a courtroom that everyone there is happy to be there and excited about the verdict. We can take pictures and video and such, so we'll do so. I may have to put Brandon in charge of video so it doesn't cause viewers to get motion sick and so the picture is clear. I'll practice some before then, just in case. Otherwise, not too much going on here in the great north. Snow, snow and more snow. We need to get out and do some snowmachining. Oh, it is spring Break, which means sleeping in for me. It was great to not get up until 6:30 today. And, an extra special bonus, Kaylynn slept all through the night. Occasionally she does.

Bathtime, Hurray!!!

Kaylynn's favorite bathtime activities...
Sitting in the stylin' bath chair
Slurping on my washcloth

Trying to eat my rubber duckie, Yum!

Playing with the bath cup

And trying to catch the shiny spots in the water.

My Cup

Kaylynn has started wanting what mommy and daddy have more and more, especially when it comes to cups. She always wants to drink from my cup, but I'm not always too keen on little floaties she deposits, so now she gets to work on drinking from her cup the end of each highchair eating time. She takes a few sips with mom's help and then kind of plays with the cup. She loves to do big people things.

Pony Princess

Ready for church in another pretty dress.

Spit Shine

Kaylynn was helping mommy get her ready for church. She was giving her shoes a good spit shine clean. Also, she was just playing around and pulled a bib on each arm. It looks quite cute. I told her soon she'll be incharge of putting on her own onesies. She agreed she could probably do a pretty good job, at least equal to how dad does.

Self binking

Kaylynn has really come to love her bink. She loves to play with it, and has become especially fond of putting it in upside down. The other night I was picking her up out of the crib. She spit out her bink, so I picked it up, then grabbed her. By the time I had her out of the crib, she had found another bink that was in the crib and put it in her mouth. She is resourceful and quick.