Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ready to Go

May 2, 2009 at approximately 12:45 pm we were sealed as an Eternal Family in the Anchorage Alaska Temple. We are glad and greatful for those of you who were able to attend and send our love to those who weren't. What a wonderful day it was. Brandon and I had to go a bit early, so Heather brought Kaylynn to the temple. There was a wedding before us so I sat in the hall waiting. Brother Novocavich, a man in our ward, was the one to perform the sealing. He came and talked with me and Sister Owen, the temple matron. He said to her, "Now I've got to warn you, their daughter is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. You know a mother has always got to say their child is the most beautiful. I'm not her mother and this is really true. The first time I saw her I said to my wife, 'that's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen'. Sister Owen said, "even more than your own children?" Brother Novocavitch laughed and said, "oh yes!" We went in and waited in the sealing room for a bit. Soon our guests were brought in. Then Brother Novocavitch told the temple workers they could bring Kaylynn on up, that she wouldn't be a problem at all. And she wasn't. She was so happy and smiley. I got to hold her while he talked for a bit to us, and then we knealt at the altar and Heather held her. She was happy the whole time. It was amazing to look into the mirrors and see us together, all dressed in white. Amazingly I didn't cry, although my heart was full of joy. I did get teary before Kaylynn was brought in. I was thinking back upon this great blessing and what has brought it to pass. I thought of the day I received my answer in this very temple that adoption was the path for us. I thought of the first e-mail we got from Jena, our amazing birth mom, and then the second, which was even more amazing for she responded and told us so much, and then I thought of the e-mail when she told us she has chosen us. I thought of her and her sacrifice and love for Kaylynn. How we love you, Jena. How we love you! I thought of the sacrifices and blessings that brought us to this time and place and my heart was full to overflowing. Truly my cup runneth over with the blessings of my Heavenly Father. What a precious gift, blessing and sacred trust has been bestowed. It is my utmost goal to do everything I can to be the best mom I can be. Kaylynn deserves that for sure. We love her so much. Kaylynn, we love you so much. I'm so greatful for the opportunity to cherish every day with you. Although thank you is not adequate, thank you thank you thank you to all who have made this most wonderful dream a reality.

Temple Sealing

May 2, 2009
Anchorage Alaska Temple

Our Forever Family

What a blessing you are, our little angel,
all smiles and sunshine

I Love This Chair

I love my chair...

Oh I love my chair!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Rockin' Chair

This is a nice rocker

Uh, Yeah!

I'm sooooo cute!!!

And Goldilocks sat in Baby Bear's chair and said this chair is just right.