Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kaylynn's Favorites

Pretty self-explanitory...

Kaylynn's Cupie Hair

So, mom's trying out some new hairdos. Today was cupie doll. Tomorrow... pigtails. Kaylynn's hair is getting a bit longer. When it's wet it has some curl to it. So cute. I love the skirt/pants. Totally Alaska worthy.

Daddy Time

When daddy gets home from work, he and Kaylynn have special one on one time. It's one of Kaylynn's favorite times of the day. Daddy makes her smile and sometimes laugh. She's his favorite, too.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The family

I had a lady at church take the picture, because I knew as soon as we got home we'd change, and dad wouldn't be home for hours. We coordinated. It was beautiful.

Black and White Affair

Mom's been waiting til I would fit in this cute dress so I could wear my Mary Janes. She also put me in the ruffly bum tights which were pretty cute and added extra padding to my back side. I kept kicking my shoes off during church, but mom would put them right back on. She said it was the price to pay for being so cute. Of coarse, there is the picture of my feet. Mom is back at it again. Dad asked how many shoes mom was going to put on me. Mom said all of them.

Kaylynn's Birthday Celbration for mom's 30th

Yesterday I turned 30. It was a great day. Kaylynn and I had a good time coordinating our outfits, went home teaching with dad, and had tasty carrot cake (and delicious formula for Kaylynn). She was talking a bit, so mom took this video.

Why am I bunched?

What happens when mom doesn't buckle her. She squirms down.

Fresh from the shower feeling

Kaylynn really likes her baths. They are very relaxing. Last week she started tooting in the water. Mom thought it was so cute, Alaskan bubble bath. Then out came a little poop. Mom thought, "oops, better hurry" but before she could hurry fast enough, Kaylynn released all the flood gates and did some serious business. Also, yesterday at choir practice she did major business. Either yhe music was extremely soothing, like the bath, or she really wanted an excuse to get outta there.

Pretty in Purple

Mommy says I look great in purple. We had a party to go to (for a little boy named Ezra, just 1 week younger than Kaylynn). We had to look our best.

Think, think, think

Pretty sure she was trying to think of a way out of the buckle.

My Baby and her 1st baby

Kaylynn got her first doll at her party last week. Almost twins.