Monday, January 26, 2009

Helping Decorate

Kaylynn had so much fun helping daddy. She's a great helper. Dad really appreciated the assistance.

I got my eye on you

What you lookin' at?

Face of Innocence

Baby Bear Attack

So, when bears attack babies in Alaska, this is how it's handled...

Step 1. The face off:
Step 2. The attack:
Step 3. The counter attack:

Warning, baby drool can really mess up the fur. Do you really want to take on this fighter? She will kiss, slobber and hug you to death.

Portfolio for Baby Gap

So, I think we might have to start a modeling portfolio for Kaylynn. She's a natural. Although, I wouldn't want her exposed to all the sex, drugs and eating disorders. Guess we'll stick to home photos for the old scrapbook.


We got to visit with Kaylynn's birthmom and her family during the Christmas break. It was wonderful. We had so much fun. Kaylynn showed most all of her sweet skills and was the angel she is. It was so good to visit and play. Jena, we love you very, very much.

What Are These???

Pretty exciting stuff when Kaylynn found her toes. She sucks on them whenever she has the opportunity (ie. she can get her socks off). I must admit, they are pretty tasty, and mighty cute.

Did I Do That?

I turned just as Kaylynn was rolling from her back to her tummy the first time. This was just after, when I had gotten the camera. It took her a little while to realize she was on her stomach. Then she got quite upset. This was on December 16th. Since then she has become more proficient. She has gone from tummy to back once. She loves to squirm her way around and all over the place.

Baby Got Skills

You should see her on a tight rope or a trapeze.

Nativity Debut

Kaylynn made her acting debut dressed in swaddling. She was baby Jesus for the ward Nativity. She was very good lying in the manger. She had fun playing with the straw.

Kaylynn's photo bloopers

So, there were some smirks, some dress eating, more dress eating (some spitting up on the dress), a few tears and a little headband malfunction...

Kaylynn's photo shoot

Family Pictures

This year we took the family photoes for the Christmas card via home camera remote control. Brandon's instructions were for us to look at the camera, smile and not move. Well, we had a few that weren't quite like that.

In some there were text messages to answer, baby to feed and arnery mom...

Eyes were closed or looking away...

Baby was trying to escape...

Or was crying...

Mouths were open...

In the end, we got a couple of good ones. See below.

The Ones that worked