Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Months Old

Shoe Shine

Squeaky Clean Sneakers

Kaylynn loves clean shoes. She finds the easiest way to clean it is spit shine.

Snow Fun

Hmm, what's all this white stuff?

Ah dad, you're crazy...

Huh, what we doing out here?

More Snow Fun

Kaylynn's helping with her 1st snow angel...

Good job, my little angel...

Fun, fun, fun!

Watch out Dad!

Snow Monkey

Today was a nice warm day. Brandon called from work and said to bundle out little one up. When he got home we went outside to play. This is her just before we went out.

Party Time

Mom and dad had some friends over and they brought their kids. Kaylynn had fun playing with her friends too.

Home Girl

Thursday, March 12, 2009

9th Year in Review

Yesterday was Brandon and mine 9th Wedding Anniversary. We went to a movie and dinner and our good friends provided the ever essential baby sitting. When we were sitting at dinner we were talking about the blessings we've received in our 9th year of marriage. The top 3 events are as follows: 3- Cindy Graduated from High School 2-We bought our house that we love 1- a Big HUGE #1-Kaylynn our sweetpea, the answer to our prayers and dreams. We've had 9 years of bliss. Here's to sixty or so more, eh dear. I love you my love.