Friday, January 28, 2011

Nice Hat

Clock Proof

So, a weird thing to post, but when my mom visited last year she could never find a clock (although we did have some. Actually, we now have one in every room of the house). So, she sent us this for Christmas. I told her I would take a picture to prove to her that we hung it. Here's the proof.

Just Another Reason We Need Dads

So, after a day at church, a girl really needs to let her hair down and get tossed and twirled around the room. It's something mom just doesn't do. Good thing for dad.

Pregnant Mom

So, last pregnancy I didn't have many pictures of me. This is the beginning of January. There is a lot more tummy there now. Maybe I'll have Brandon take another picture when I'm not too scraggely looking.

I Can Stand-and I look Good

So Robert can stand holding onto things, but he hasn't yet pulled himself up.
He loves to stand when we help him up.


We went sledding on New Year's Day. Well, by saying 'we' I mean Brandon, the kids and our friends. I never went down. I'm already so clumsy, I didn't think it wise to push my limits. There was a chill breeze, but the sunset was beautiful.

Who is that hiding?
Oh, it's Robbie!!!
Ready to go
Off and away
And back up again...

Acrobat or Gymnist?

Look at these Cuties