Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kaylynn's Announcement

So, Kaylynn has a big announcement which some have heard, but others have not. On or around February 12, 2010, she is going to be a big Sister! She is very excited, as are mom and dad. Miracles happen, and she is living proof of that. How blessed we are to have our precious Sweetpea who is almost a year. Today both she and daddy came to the doctor with me and we got to hear the little babies heartbeat. I should have taken the video camera, but I wasn't thinking. It was exciting to have us all there and hear the fast little shoo-shoo sound (which was more like shoo-shoo-shoo-shoo-shoo in stacatto). All is healthy and good. Our next appointment in 6 weeks we'll have the ultrasound to find out if Kaylynn will have a little brother or little sister. We're so excited she'll have a sibling so close in age. They'll be 18 months apart. They will always have someone to play with, even when one of the other of them might not feel like having someone right there to play with. It's like my friends little girl, Lilly. She is 3 and her little brother is 18 months. She was screaming because he kept following her around. I told her he was her little brother and she should be honored that he wanted to follow her around and that she should get used to it because he'd be doing it for a long time. Needless to say, my logic didn't impress the 3 year old. She was still very upset at her little brother, but she did stop screaming. What Kaylynn has to look forward to.

Swim Party

Tayler and Tanner in Action

Speedy retreat

Taking a dip, in and out

Kaylynn's friends from Homer were visiting and they were a bit bored, so we set up the pool for a little party. The boys had fun sliding into the pool. Kaylynn was really excited to get into the pool, until she actually got in it and felt how cold the water was. I think next time I'll fill it with some warm water from the house. The water from the hose is COLD!!! I only got in for 30 seconds and I was done.

These Little Piggies

We've started with the pony tails and pig tails. They are just so cute. I've gotten it down to a better science, or I've improved my skill level to the point where it doesn't take too long, unless Kaylynn is really not in the mood.


So, nothing is quite so exhausting as a Sunday full of church meetings. It was a beautiful day and we both, amazingly, we ready for church in record time, so we decided to walk to church. It is at 11 and right in the middle of nap time, which Kaylynn rarely takes anymore on Sundays as she has a hard time napping where there are other things going on. This is what happened on the way home. I didn't realize she was asleep until I went to get her out, then I just had to get some photoes. She was so tired, she didn't even wake when I got her out of the stoller.

Mover and a Shaker

Step up
Step down
Step up

Pause and look cute

And back down (still looking so cute)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ready to Shop

Kaylynn was ready to go shopping with her recycle cloth bag. Whenever she gets things with straps or handles, she puts them on her arms. She loves to use her teething rings as braclets or put them on her legs. She's such a character.

More from the Hike

Cool mushrooms growing inside a tree

Close up

There were salmon in there

The gorge, totally different perspective in real life. I don't remember how many feet down it is. A couple hundred or more.

Thunderbird Falls

On another of the beautiful Alaskan summer days we've had, we took Kaylynn for her second adventure in her sweet baby pack pack. It was only a mile in. The gorge was awesome. The pictures don't do it justice. I got motion sick looking down at the fish. The top of the falls wasn't so impressive, but from the bottom it was pretty cool.
From the top

Us at the top

And the bottom

It was chilly down here

We stopped by the stream and ate our little snack/lunch and headed back out. Kaylynn liked it.

Preparing for Future Occupation?

Sweet Plumbers pants...
So this is why mom makes me wear a onesie under all my clothes.

A Few of Family

We were in Utah for the 4th and Kaylynn got to see all her aunts, uncles and cousins except the Texas crew. For some reason, we only took a few pictures. Here they are...
Aunt Windy, Cous Clark and Cous Danielle

Cous's Tate and Jordan? Maybe Lilly?

Kaylynn and Grandpa Wilson

So glad everyone was willing and able to come to Delta and Oak City to visit us. We had so much fun, we want to come again next 4th of July.


When we were in Utah we took Kaylynn swimming for the first time. We weren't allowed to take pictures in the water park, so these were her modeling her suit before hand. It was wonderful that she had her shoulders protected. Mom and dad didn't reapply the sunscreen and both burned their shoulders, but she was protected. She had lots of fun. Dad took her down the slide a few times, she got to go under the sprinklers, and she survived a dip in the big pool with moms, uh, assistance. It sure wore her out. After 2 hourse, her and her cousin Rachel were both falling asleep in their floaties so they were taken to the shady lawn for naps.
Home from church and undressed in three...



Four Generation

This last June when Kaylynn and I were in Utah we got to visit my grandma and get a four generation photo. See the family resemblence?
My mom (Sandra), Me holding Kaylynn and my Grandma (Sena Elvera)


When we visited Cousin Morgan, they had a bath party. They are 2 months apart, but about the same size. They are so cute together. Morgan is the first baby Kaylynn has screamed at in excitement and Morgan just looked at her and squealed right back. They would carry on their little baby conversations with one another. Finally, a kindred spirit that understands exactaly what she's going through.

So Hot, Gotta Wear Shades

A Few Picts of the yard