Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sears Photo Shoot

Today we went to get One Year Photoes for Kaylynn. She was really good and cute and happy. She didn't want stay standing on her own. She kept walking toward me. She also wasn't too interested in the mirror or on sitting on the 1. There are some cute ones. I commented on my favs.


I love this one
This one

Frolick in the Flowers

So cute
Big #1

So much her personality

Here I Come

Kaylynn's friend had a little push toy she loved. We decided to get her one with her birthday money sent to her by family.

Daddy put it together for her the other day and she loves it.

She pushed it all over the new floor, and ran into the walls a few times. Good thing it's only plastic. It also snaps down into a toy she can sit and ride. Gotta love the versatility.

What other school is there?

Think they'll give me free tuition because I'm so cute?

Posing for the next Aggie Alumni magazine

Yeah, someday I'll be real Aggie, true blue, through and through, if you know what I mean.


She's getting so grown up, she even poses with the toe point.

Daddy's Helper

Kaylynn wanted to help us redo the flooring in the dining room and kitchen. She was especially attracted to the power tools. She spent some time crying in her pack n' play, staring at us with her sad little tear streaked face. When Cindy was home she would take her out to play outside or downstairs. This would only last so long. Occasionally she got let down to play. Unfortunately, mom let her down when there was still a chisel on the floor and she used it to put a knick in the floor. It is a small one, and now I don't have to worry about the first ding or knick.

Hairbow Holder

Auntie Jessica made this for Kaylynn. Thanks so much to her and Madilynn for the lovely gift. It's a great creation.

Makin' Music

Kaylynn and Ezra playing the piano

Huh, mom?

Should we play some more?

Yep, practice makes better

Getting Dressed

I sat Kaylynn on my bed while I was doing a few things. I look up and see that she has put my shirt on, albeit in a somewhat haphazard way. She was so excited she had gotten herself dressed. She then proceeded to get it off by herself. Glad she hasn't figured out how to take her regular clothes off... yet. I know the day will come.

Birthday Dress

Pretty Princess

In ruffles and lace

So busy and beautiful

Hello Darling

Hey, text me

What! Roaming charges???

How do I access my voicemail?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


August 13, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Kaylynn!!! What a wonderful year it has been. It is amazing to think how only a year ago we received one of the greatest blessings of our lives, our little sweet pea. You are such a blessing to us. This year has been full of so many new firsts: first seeing you, first bringing you home, first hug, first kiss, first diaper, first bath, first owie, first laugh, first cry, first roll over, first tooth, first step and now first birthday. You are the light in mom and dad's life. We love you, little one. And today of all days we remember the miraculous way you came into our lives. I think your birthmom, our dear Jena, and my eyes still fill with tears. My heart overflows with love and admiration for the choice she made to place you not only in our home but in our hearts forever. Today we celebrate you both for the angels you each are. We love you, little sweet pea, today and always.


Mom and Dad

The Decor

So, didn't go too out there, but had fun with some balloons (thanks to Cindy for blowing them all up) and the little sign. Mainly Kaylynn loved playing with the balloons and ripping down crepe paper, so it was all a good show. We still have some of the balloons up and the sign too. I told Brandon we can keep it up for another month and just add a 3 before the 1 and Pooh Bear can be the decoration for our 31st birthdays.