Monday, December 20, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

Tonight we had a pretty fun home evening of caroling, the Nativity was acted out by some of the kids, and we had a special visitor from the North Pole. It's not much of a drive from where we live.
Robert sat there, but he looked Santa up and down and got a pretty terrified look on his face. Guess he's only ready for one jolly round fella.
So this year, Kaylynn was more inclined toward Santa. She sat on his lap a few times and would go up to him, shake his hand, take him toys (I think she might be trying to bribe him).

Friday, December 17, 2010


Now, if I had tried to get a photo like this, I never could have. I was actually trying to get one of her playing the piano, but she went to stand up, slipped, and this is what I got. Good thing she has a good sense of balance and landed gracefully enough she didn't get hurt. We might use this for her Senior Portfolio.

Christmas Photoes

I finally got around to doing our Christmas cards. I didn't have any pictures I liked, so I dressed the kids in their Christmas outfits and we did a quick photo shoot. Kaylynn cried because I took her bink away. She had stolen it from Robert, anyway. We got a few really cute ones. Doesn't Robert look a little Scottish?


The kids had their well-baby checks a few weeks ago. Robert weighed in at 27 lbs 10 oz, putting him in the 97%+ range. Kaylynn was at 27 lb 4 oz, putting her in the 50% range. Robert was 95% in ht and 97%+ for head too. He is overall proportionately a big boy. Kaylynn was 90% for her height, but is otherwise average. She is tall and skinny, he's at least tall and chubby. It would be too mean to be short and fat. Let me tell ya, I have personal experience with these things.

My Sick Boy

So, 2 weeks ago Kaylynn got the flu. She had high fevers, didn't eat or move much, and just wanted to sit or be held, which is so unlike her as she is usually on the go. A week later I got it and I wish I had known what it felt like earlier. I would have known more what to do for Kaylynn. Fever, chills, nausea, achy, etc. It's been quite a while since I've had a stomach flu. Poor Robert got sick the same day as I. He had it the worst. He did throw up, diarrhea, and it went into his sinuses so he had cough, runny nose, tons of boogers, and he got pink eye. These pictures aren't even when he was at his worst. He had it for a week. Very few smiles or laughs, which is so unlike him. I'm so glad both my babes are back to their healthy, happy selves. I'd much rather have me sick than my little ones.

Little Sitter

Bathtime Fun

A New Way to Exersaucer


Kaylynn was "helping" Robert wake up for the day.

The Tree

She did help decorate the tree, too, and ever since has helped undecorate it many times. She likes using the string of beads as a lasso like Alisia on Diego.

Good thing for shatterproof ornaments!

Deck the Robert

Kaylynn was most interested in decorating Robert rather than the halls. Robert wasn't quite as excited about this.

Cut the Christmas Tree

As is a family tradition, the day after Thanksgiving we went out to Palmer area and got our Christmas tree. We put the little ones on the sled, but that only lasted a little while. Robert kept falling back onto Kaylynn, and that would tip her back. She started putting snow in his face a time or two and they tipped out once. We ended up having Robert in the sled and Kaylynn wanted to walk. Daddy did most of the work, but we had fun being along for the ride/walk.

Thanksgiving Evening

Ahhh, what good food I've had today! I've got the after dinner drowsiness.


We had Thanksgiving at the Wilcox's again this year. It is always lots of fun. Good food, friends and fun. We did get in a few rousing rounds of Nerts and heard some really great stories. We have so much to be thankful for, on addition to all the yummy food. I am so thankful for our little ones, the gospel, good parents, family and friends, the comfort and peace we enjoy, my wonderful husband, and our little one on the way.
Robert's thankful for a great head of hair.
I have proof that I didn't put Robert in his first pony tail.

Good friends

And yes, we love technology

1st Snowman

Thanksgiving day we got a lot of perfect snowman snow.


Kaylynn's favorite fruit.

This way, she eats the skins.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter is Here Again

Well, this year it waited until after Halloween before we had our first real snow. Now winter is really here. We have snow, ice, and temperatures in the teens. Going to get the mail is an adventure. We go from the house to the car through the garage and back again. I try to be out in it as little as possible, while Kaylynn is constantly wanting to go out and play. We started a snowman, but the snow wasn't packing too well. We'll have to finish it this weekend, if the snow hasn't all turned to ice.

Those Eyes

How can you look at those eyes and not just want to give in??? She was so tired and needed a nap, but kept crying because her friends were over for a baby shower mom was co-hosting. She finally fell asleep about 5 pm. Not good for the new early to bed routine.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone! We had a great Halloween season. Friday we had a Halloween party. It is becoming a bit of a tradition. We had lots of fun with friends, food, costumes, games and a relay. We had Paul Bunyan with Babe, the little blue Ox; a number of superheroes; Woody and Bo Peep; a hunter; a fairy, and our Wizard of Oz crew. On Saturday our ward had a chili cookoff and a trunk-or-treat. Kaylynn (I mean Dorothy) went around with daddy (aka Tin Man) and gathered at least as much as we gave out, if not more. She would 'twick or tweet' and 'tank U'. Her favorite candies were dum dum suckers, nerds and smarties. Ick. Our tastes do change as we age. We had only 2 groups of trick-or-treaters on Sunday. They got big handfuls of candy. We love halloween. It is lots of fun. We haven't decided what we'll be next year, but it will have to include a team of five. We'll see what next year brings.